DOGMA - Living Madofi-style

Meeting boars for the very first time

What are those??!

Anyway.. I will tell them to GET LOST!! *voff voff*

Dad, Daughter and Mother

Nice walk with 8 Parson Russell Terriers

    ♥ Dogma & her dad Doggy

Doggy as usual going "turtle-style" when a camera is in sight - his daughter stretching makes her look bigger than him - she is not ;)

Two sets of Dads and their daughters   *love*

Learning how to walk in a leash in a pack of dogs

Russell-wrestling in bed with my cool dad  *charging battery*

Really hard life at grandma's place

Spent alot of time in the forrest - nice!

Nails clipped and tail "fixed"

Can you believe it??! I even had to search for my food.. *gosh*

  We also went alot to this "training-place" - to train obedience.. WHAT?!

  Whistle-training - "Istu-training" - and can you believe it - PEE-training!     I can now pee on command - "Kissa"  (in swedish)

Dogma did everything to be friends with Odie
*she wasn't that impressed at the start*

         .. but a few days later - they had sooo much fun!


Running throug pipes with dad - WEEHOO FUN!!!

Cutie  *love*

*see* - I can still stand even if I can "Istu"

Over and out - Hard work to be a Team Madofi-dog!

Apprentice for a day of hunting

Allowed for snuggle-time in dad's cozy bed

Dogma's favorite place - BEHIND grandma in her chair by the computer


It really was a perfect opportunity for me to get a chance to get to know Doggy's daughter. To get to see first hand what he inherits. When the opportunity arose ofcourse I took the opportunity. A really lovely little girl - clearly many similarities with her dad. An almost 6 month old female in seemingly small / correct size (if she not pop in size at the last minute), a lovely temperament, workability & drive for hunting, good exterior &  also a good coat! Can't wait to see this whole litter grow into nice adults!