Dex första helg med "far & farmor"

2012-09-03 - Linda, Simon & Dex kom ner till Skåne under årets upplaga av Parson Specialen - en helg för oss att umgås & givetvis för mig att känna & klämma på Doggy's son och även komma med tips & råd inför framtiden. En jätterolig helg - TACK så mycket för att ni kom!

Linda on a walk with Dex & dad Doggy

Doggy soon 7½ years - Dex 14 weeks


Dex meeting Mr Badger for the very first time!

   -"Dude - you stink!"

After meeting Mr Badger in person Dex got to explore the tunnels with his dad at the beginning - after a little while all by himself - brave boy!

*suddig mobilbild* .. cuddles with grandma at the den!

Cutie - some training in grandma's bed at 06.00..

outside breakfast


Lovely boy - FULL of energy!

At first Dex didn't really know how to behave with other dogs, especially other terriers - if he doesn't approach with respect he can get in trouble So at first we let him meet my bitch Odie, VERY correct in her way of greeting and "talking/reading" other dogs. And if not approaching her with the right energy & maners - she absolutly will let you know!  In a very good and fair way - good way to teach a pup, and didn't take long

  ..before he understod to keep his distance! On a walk with me and my gang. I think a pup should learn not to approach dogs in lead anyway.

Good boy - behaved good all day at the dogshow

and took naps in his kennel from time to time

Dex and Doggy with grandma at the dogshow


All pimped in new collar with a Id-tag - sleeping in grandma's lap


Last "exotic thing" while visiting us - Dex got to meet some boars!

A little tough guy, very interested in the boars - like his dad


I'm sooo very happy you came for the weekend, hope it wont be long until we meet again! Practise your "homework" and you will have a lovely little dog to work with for many many years to come!